Mark Liebenrood

Wall Gazing

Wall Gazing, an installation by mark Liebenrood Wall Gazing, an installation by mark LiebenroodWall Gazing, an installation by mark Liebenrood

A site-specific installation as part of ‘The Manifesto of the Wall‘, Fringe Arts Bath 2015.


The Manifesto of the Wall

  1. The Wall has its history, respect it.

  2. Do not exploit the Wall – it works with you and for you.

  3. Find a direct method to include the Wall into your artwork and vice versa.

  4. If no.3 is not applicable, you made the wrong piece for this space and may stop here or restart.

  5. The term ‘to hang something’ is not an option in this context.

  6. Don’t add.

  7. Include.

  8. Adventures are accepted.

  9. Once the artwork is ‘up’, you added a new piece of history to this Wall.

  10. Same principle for the Floor & Ceiling, just in case someone asks.



The Statement

A wall’s history is an accumulation of numerous chance happenings. In focussing closely on the wall, using chance procedures to select areas for our attention, that history and its detail are revealed in gestures of inclusion and respect. The result is a small adventure into the normally unnoticed landscape of the wall, elevating a humble surface into a historical document. Traces of the work’s making remain in place in the spirit of the wall’s support of the process, a new piece of history created while the old is revealed.

“Flat brilliant white is boring”.

Graphite, charcoal, and photographs on wall
2 parts, each 1m x 1m

In Wall Gazing